Fitness update pics for July 14, 2008 – Week 6

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Since I’ve been belatedly posting all of these pictures tonight, they were all pretty old. Right now we’ve caught up though and these are the most recent weekly-pictures until I take the next batch tomorrow.

Having uploaded these pictures for all of the weeks up to today all in one night, I must say that this week and the second week were the only sets I was proud of. Comparing this week to the beginning I’m actually starting to be able to see some change. Hopefully in a couple more weeks I can finally move from four-pack to six-pack!

Also, now that we’re up to date, please give me feedback! What parts of my body need work (any tips on how to tone them up are appreciated), what’s coming along fine, etc..

Thanks for any comments/tips you can give me!


Fitness update pics July 07, 2008 – Week 5

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I’ve lost a little weight in my waist which is somewhat surprising because I thought I was too skinny before. I guess I had some extra flubb there. I’ve put on a couple of pounds overall, but I’m not sure I see it. Can’t really tell if I’m making progress.

Fitness update for June 30, 2008 – Week 4

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One more week down. In the second pic I look kinda silly with a vein on my neck popping out… I must have really been squeezing hard! Oh well.

Fitness update for June 23, 2008 – Week 3

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Two weeks down, 14 to go. I look pretty junky in this week’s pics. Part of it could be lighting (I was in a different place taking the pics) and that I had just eaten… but part of it was probably also that I did really poorly that week.

Fitness update for June 16, 2008 – Week 2

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Just to be clear: week 2 means that this was taken at the start of the second week after one week of training. It should also be noted that this was our one-year anniversary. We didn’t talk/email or have any other contact which was odd and painful, but I went out with some friends so that I wouldn’t sit around dwelling and sulking. That was really nice of them esp. given that this was a monday.

As far as the contest goes, this week felt really productive:

I had a little fun there and blurred my head into the over-head lighting. 🙂

Fitness contest so-far

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In the week after my wife left me, I lost 7 pounds – partially because I couldn’t force enough food down and partially because your body releases drugs when you feel horrible that make you deteriorate (endorphins, etc.). This contest started a few weeks later and seemed like the perfect opportunity to give myself a nice measurable goal to help me rebuild, give me an outlet for my frustration, and to keep my mind off the problems at hand.

It is a 16-week contest, there appear to be about 100 people entered in it, and at the end the person with the most improvement wins a game console or something. I just want to win for the thrill of accomplishing something and overcoming a challenge.

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m going to start tracking my progress on this blog. Since the contest started on a monday, I’ve been taking pictures every monday, so I’ll put them all up here.

The contest has a special focus on abs, runs for 16 weeks, and the winner is picked based on improvement between before/after pictures (which have to have a newspaper in them to show the date).

The faces are blurred because I’m planning to stay anonymous throughout the use of this blog. I don’t really have the hang of that yet though… if you prefer a certain blur method (spiral, horizontal, etc.) please leave a comment. Another possibility would be to just crop the pics off above the shoulders, might also look weird (again, please leave comments with opinions).

June 09, 2008 – Week 1

ENTRY-PIC (this is where you try to look as mopey as possible):

The same day, me flexing as absolutely hard as I can. These are the two best from that day (they’re pretty blurry though). In retrospect, the damage doesn’t look nearly as bad as it felt. I felt super-skinny when I first looked at these.

If you want to track my progress (for whatever reason), subscribe to the feed for this blog since I’ll be uploading each week’s photos after I take them.

Going to start using this as a tool again

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This blog was a great tool to help me focus my thoughts in a productive direction in the face of what feels like total destruction of my one, pure shot at getting everything I wanted in life.

I tend to postpone writing here when I know I don’t have time to explain current situations, but that means that this blog is constantly getting ignored.

What I’m going to do about it

If you’re familiar with the blog, you know that things went badly and I intend to use this blog to track my recovery.

Right now, I’m about 6 weeks into a fitness competition I started in early/mid June which goes until September 29th. The purpose of entering this is so that even when life seems hopeless for other reasons, I’ll still have a motivation every day to rebuild myself physically.

To keep me accountable, I’m going to start posting pictures of my progress and logging what I’ve done. Please encourage me when I’m doing well and call me on it when I’m slacking!

Commenters were a great help in the past, so hopefully I can bank on their help some more.